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    Applicants with Credit or Loss Problems

    Having a loss on your record doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get insurance. Farmers insurance also offers coverage to applicants with credit or loss issues, including applicants who have been declined, cancelled or non-renewed by another insurance company.

    Flood Insurance

    Flood insurance is a good buy, even in low or moderate risk areas, as nearly 25 percent of all flood insurance claims come from low-to moderate-risk areas.* *http://www.iii.org/media/facts/statsbyissue/flood/ **Although this statistic is from a reputable source, it comes from a third party website, and Farmers is not responsible or liable for information provided.

    Identity Shield

    The average victim takes 175 hours to restore their lives after identity theft. In addition to insurance coverage, Farmers Identity Shield offers proactive monitoring tools, identity resolution services, travel assistance and document replacement, as well as preemptive education resources.


    We'll insure your tenant-occupied dwelling, other structures and furnishings. Additionally, we offer a landlord package that includes coverage for personal property, loss of rents and landlord liability.

    Mobile and Manufactured Homes

    We insure a variety of home types. From mobile to manufactured, to multi-sectional to modular, and more, we can make sure that your home is protected.

    Motor Homes

    Shield yourself from a number of troubles, such as being stranded without the shelter of an intact mobile residence. Save thousands of dollars with our Total Loss Replacement coverage option that lets you claim money for replacement parts at the original worth you paid, not the depreciated value after age and usage.

    Personal Liability Coverage

    Are you protected if someone is injured on your property, for example, by a dog bite that could necessitate reconstructive surgery? Personal Liability provides protection in such an instance. It also extends financial protection to you should you cause an accident to or on someone else's property.

    Personal Property Coverage

    Are your wedding bands or other valuables covered? What about your home entertainment system? Personal Property Coverage can make sure that these items and your personal belongings are protected.

    Personal Umbrella Liability Coverage

    A Personal Umbrella Policy serves to shelter you from exceeding the limits in your coverage.


    This insurance combines coverage for your personal property with personal liability insurance, in the event that someone is injured on your property or you damage your neighbor’s property. Give yourself the peace of mind that your expensive electronics are safe at home.


    In the event that the unexpected occurs, you’ll still have a home, and your personal belongings will also be covered.

    Specialty Homeowners

    Maybe the home you’re looking to insure is only seasonal or secondary for you. Or it might be more difficult to insure because of a variety of reasons, such as cosmetics, age, low value, or issues with applicant background, including credit issues and previous insurance declines. In all these instances, Farmers can still protect your home.

    Travel Trailers

    We offer a number of ways to customize your travel trailer insurance options, including comprehensive coverage, emergency express, stationary travel trailer, towing and roadside, emergency expenses, campsite/vacation liability, total loss replacement, and more.

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